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Leather loafers

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Loafer shoes made of leather— bestseller 12 STOREEZ. The model has become softer and lighter by reducing the thickness, as well as less demanding in operation. The insole is made of leather. Loafers will complement the suit with trousers and a jacket, and will go with casual looks with jeans and a jumper. Recommended temperature range: up to -5 degrees Celsius.

Made in China


Sole height: 1.7 cm
Heel height: 2.6 cm


- Choose the right shoes for size and completeness, taking into account individual characteristics
- Wear shoes according to their seasonal purpose
- Remember-leather, suede shoes and shoes with leather soles are not intended for wear in wet, rainy weather
- Use the horn when putting your shoes on. Do not step on the heel when removing your shoes
- Don't pull your shoelaces. Handle decorative accessories carefully
- Dry your shoes at room temperature away from heating appliances and direct sunlight, after filling them with paper to preserve their shape
- Clean your shoes from dirt and dust with a soft, damp cloth or use a special Shoe brush
- It is not recommended to wash shoes in water
- Use a special color or colorless cream to preserve color and give Shine
- Use a spray that protects the surface of the Shoe from moisture, dirt, and the formation of water and salt stains. Process new shoes for the first time


100% cowhide;
Insole: pig Leather + cow leather 100%
Sole: 100% Rubber