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Sandals with ankle braids

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Sandals with a braid at the ankle, which is easy to tie. Small stable heel. The sandals are made of smooth genuine leather, the sole is made of tunite similar to leather, which does not get wet when it comes into contact with wet asphalt. Sandals emphasize the slimness and visually lengthen the legs. The sole is covered with a protective film, which must be removed after purchase.

Made in China.


Sole height: 0.3 cm
Heel height: 5 cm


To maintain its appearance, it requires regular maintenance and careful operation.

- Choose the right shoes for size and completeness, taking into account individual characteristics
- Wear shoes according to their seasonal purpose
- Remember-leather, suede and leather-soled shoes are not intended to be worn in wet, rainy weather
- It is not recommended to wash shoes in water
- Use a special color or colorless cream to preserve color and give Shine
- Apply a spray that protects the surface of the Shoe from moisture, dirt, and the formation of water and salt stains. Process new shoes for the first time.


Top leather 100%,
Sole tunit 100%